Friday, January 28, 2011

What's in a name?

Many of you may not know why Alli's middle name is Ruah, or even how to pronounce it. It's just as it looks.... "roo-uh". Ruah Belle was my great-grandmother on my mom's side, or some of you may understand better as my grandma Lois's mother. We had a tough time deciding between Allison Belle or Allison Ruah, but figured since we're in the south, Alli Belle would be way too southern sounding :o) After all, we are Damn Yankees... Little did we know that 'Alli Ru' would catch on quickly as a cute little nickname, and it seems like Eric & I call her Ru more than anything else! I talked with my grandma the other day and it seems Ruah herself was actually born "Ruey" and changed it to Ruah later on. It's always fascinating to hear fun stories behind family names.

 It's also interesting to note that the Hebrew word for “spirit” is Ruah (meaning breath, air, or wind). Looks like we may have a spirited little girl on our hands!

We had decided if the baby was a girl, that we would use my family name, and a boy, use Eric's. So, I won out this time! But, we had also agreed now after Alli was born that no matter what sex baby M #2 ends up being, we'll still use Eric's family name. So you'll have to wait until that baby comes along to hear the story behind the name for him or her! (and no, this is not leading into a "we're pregnant" announcement! haha, we definitely aren't!)

But speaking of Ru or Roo... she has a lil namesake friend from Winnie the Pooh (which happened to be Dad-E's nickname as a child)...
and, we have decided this may be a cute Halloween costume for next year!

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