Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting ready for daycare: Part Two

Going crazy with stress - but trying to be calm about it all at the same time...
There's so much to think about, like:

-What if she runs out of bottles while she's there? I feel like a fool sending her there with 6 bottles or something... but she is a grazer and eats often... Will they put up with that there, or just let her cry?
-What if Eric forgets to pick her up? Now, I know what you're thinking... he's not an awful dad, he wouldn't do that! But it's going to be challenging to remember which days he took her as I don't work a consistent schedule. So, one week he may be taking her Mon, Tues, Fri... the next week Tues, Wed, Thurs... I made him a little calendar to put in his car with bright pink squares on the days he's supposed to get her so he remembers. And, he did a trial run to the daycare this morning, so cute... he is getting prepared!
-And speaking of my work... there's so much that has changed in the past 3 months I've been off. They've opened all 25 beds on our unit, started computer charting & computerized administering of meds... and on top of that, I'll have to find time to pump?!
-What if she gets RSV or an ear infection or some other horrible daycare acquired sickness? Or what if I bring something home from work? Lord knows I see many infectious kids on a daily basis. I can't imagine working with sick kids all day at work, then coming home to take care of my own sick baby all night. Talk about exhausting! Key point: WASH YOUR HANDS! :o)

and lastly, but most importantly,
-What if she cries the whole time at daycare, can they kick her out????

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