Sunday, January 23, 2011


Ya know during a football game when a running back gets handed the ball and he's running up the middle and the announcer states, "he has had 500 carries without a fumble..." oh and what does he do two seconds later? Fumbles!

Or when a kicker is about to try for a 38 yard field goal for the win, and the announcer states, "he hasn't missed a field goal within 40 yards in over 135 attempts...", then what, the kick is up and it's... NO GOOD! Oh wow, weren't we just mentioning how consistent he is right before the kick!?

It seems the announcers always find these amazing stats and then proceed to jinx it. Well, I think that happened to us this weekend!

Alli was doing pretty good at staying on her schedule of bath, book, feeding & bed by 8:30... up once through the night, then up around 7 AM for the day. Then, she'd take her morning nap around 9, sleep for at least an hour and a half or so, then afternoon nap from 1-3ish. We were doing pretty great!! And Eric & I even had to comment on it last night before bed.... JINX!

She woke up every 3 hours last night, granted, we may have messed with her routine by going out to dinner last night with her and keeping her up a little later than usual, but go figure! We're hoping it was just a fluke, or possibly a growth spurt since she's about the right age, but note to self.. never mention how great things are going, just be happy on the inside and don't jinx it :o)

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