Monday, January 24, 2011

My, how things have changed...

OK, so I felt bad about posting a big long rant about a subject completely unrelated to this blog, so I'm here for a double-dip today. If Mommy B and I hadn't come up with such a catchy title to our blog, the title of this post would have been a close second.

Even though Mommy B was extremely hungry when I finally got home from the grocery, Alli Ru had other plans. She was so tired that we had to give her a bath and put her to bed right away or she was going to make our night miserable. So even though dinner was ready (even if it was just pizza), up to the whale tub we went... lifeguard dog present and accounted for. We gave Alli her much needed (and wanted) bath, and proceeded into the nursery to get her to sleep. However, it's hard to get a baby to fall asleep on you when your stomach is growling so bad it sounds like a small animal is being smothered off in the woods.

So, I was a good sport and served up the pizza while Mommy B rocked the little angel to sleep. There we sat, pizza by night-light. It's a far cry from fine dining by candle light, but my how things have changed...

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  1. Hey, throw in some boxed wine in a Solo cup & it sounds like a good enough date night to me!