Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting ready for daycare: Part One

So I've been stocking up so we hopefully have a good supply of frozen milk for lil Ru going to daycare starting next Monday. We took inventory last night, re-organized it all in the freezer... and we have about 140 oz. saved up!! It sounds like a lot, and probably feels like a lot to Eric when he's trying to get food out of the freezer for dinner and gets attacked by all the breast milk baggies falling all over the place, but it really only amounts to about 46 3 oz. bottles.

Still sounds like a lot? She'll need probably 6-7 bottles a day while I'm gone during my 12 hour work day... possibly more... so, that amounts to about 6 days worth of bottles.

OK, all of that sounded like a math word problem, ya know, if the mom has 140 oz of breast milk stored, and the baby eats 3 oz per feeding, how many bottles will be needed for a 12 hour work day? Haha, I think I did my math right, but correct me if I'm wrong... I'm running on short "naps" which I still refer to as my sleep during the night. =)


  1. I hear ya on the falling breastmilk! And on the fact that you feel like you have stored up a ton, then only to realize it's like a days worth, ha! My little hoss eats about 6oz right now at a feeding, so I am trying really hard to even have enough for a day :) Good luck!

  2. My head is spinning w/all that thinking (you know math isn't my strong suit), but it sounds like you're doing an amazing job!...would you take it as an insult or a compliment if I called you a cow ;P