Saturday, January 22, 2011

Get rich quick!

As I stepped out of the shower today and looked in the mirror, I quickly noticed that my physique no longer resembles that of a finely-tuned college athlete. Following the same theme as my last post, life changes quite a bit once you've had a kid. In other words, I don't get the luxury of spending my afternoons in the Blackbaud gym any longer. Instead of punching out at 5pm and hitting the weights for an hour and a half, I come straight home to relieve Mommy B of her Alli-watching duties. By the time we have dinner and get Alli bathed and off to bed, I just want to go bed myself. You know life has changed when you're eyeing your pillow before final Jeopardy comes on. So much for working out any more.

However, Mommy B and I had an idea that we could start marketing right away. It's another one of those get-rich-quick ideas that people talk about all the time. Only this one is marketed towards a specific audience - the brand new parent that doesn't want to turn into a blob immediately after childbirth.

After joking about Mommy B's Popeye arm, we decided that I could create some workout routines to keep you in shape using your baby as the weight! Face-to-face upright rows, curl-don't-hurls, please-don't-blowout squats... even keep-the-pacifier-in wrist & finger stretches. Videos to follow.

This guy has the right idea...

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