Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday = Happy Hour

All right, all right - before everyone rushes to judgment and assumes that today's post means I'm avoiding my fatherly duties by ditching the wife and child for a few after-work cold ones, allow me to elaborate: Those of you who don't have children (yet) may hear us parent-types utter the following phrase ad nauseum: "Your life completely changes once you have kids." Well, we're not kidding. Even a little bit. Unless you're one of those parents...

Anyway, my definition of Happy Hour has changed dramatically now that Alli Ru has graced the world with her presence. The image of Happy Hour no longer symbolizes the top-button undone, tie partially lowered, dress sleeves rolled halfway up, 'good-thing-I-have-a-koozie-in-my-glovebox', after-work party with co-workers that it once did. Now, it's so much better.

When Friday afternoon rolls around now, all I can think about is dashing home to my GGG (Girls, Girls, Girls for those of you who haven't been following very long) and seeing their smiling faces. Yes, even the dog kinda smiles when I walk in the door. I get so excited when it hits me that I get to spend the next 2 nights and 2 days with the loves of my life. Needless to say, I delete those Happy Hour emails pretty quickly now that I'm a parent.

Now don't get me wrong, I may pop the top of a couple cold ones when I get home... but it's cheaper than a bar and I don't have to drive home afterward. Either way, my vision of Happy Hour definitely has changed - but sometimes change is a good thing.

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  1. I know we have never met in real life...but seriously this post is so sweet! Parenthood truly suites you and Britt! Enjoy your time with your girls!