Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alli's 3 Months Old Today!

Where did the time go? Because I know for a fact that we didn't sleep through it... =)
It's truly amazing how time flies... so hard to believe that it's been 3 months since I was in that L&D room... about to give birth to little 7 lb. 2 oz. Allison Ruah Meibers.

In the past 3 months, Alli has gotten really active! Babbling and "talking" a LOT, especially if we talk back like we're carrying on a conversation. She's already got a lot to say, so I think we're in for it when she does start talking! She smiles a lot, giggles (which is adorable!!), and loves to STAND.  We obviously help hold her up, but she'd rather be standing than sitting, laying, anything. While she's standing, she picks up her feet like she's trying to walk, too funny. She loves bath time, and splashes us til we're pretty much soaked too.

Things she does NOT enjoy include:
-Most anything that involves laying on her back, as in, her swing, her carseat... and she'll only sleep on her belly (and don't lecture me about SIDS, I'm a peds nurse, I know), although she is getting a little better, but still prefers her stomach to anything else.
-The pacifier (she does ok at certain times with it, but we've come to the conclussion that we're happy about it now.. just something we won't have to break her of later on!)
-Sleeping through the night (OK, now she's got her moments, but, she still misses me so much that she wants to see my face one or two times a night... well, that's what I'm letting myself believe!)

I'd be interested to know how much she weighs & how long she is... but we don't go back to the doctor's office until the end of Feb. for her 4 month check up & shots. But, at 2 months she was 10 lbs 7 oz. and 25.5 inches long... and we can definitely tell she's growing. She's still in mainly 0-3 mo. clothes but starting to get into some 3-6 mo. ones... and still wearing size 1 diapers. Which, I hope we don't grow out of too soon because we have a TON of this size still left from our baby showers!

Well, here's a pic from her "birth"day, and then one from a few days ago... crazy how much changes in 3 months!!

Happy 3 months lil girl, we love you!!


  1. Wow, time does fly! Happy 3 months, Alli! Both my girls prefer to sleep on their tummies! Right now Lucy sleeps on her tummy during the day, but on her back/side at night. Molly still sleeps in the fetal position at 3 years! Enjoy the time...soon enough she will be walking, talking, and bringing home boys!

  2. Amazing how much she's changed in only 3 months! I can't wait to see what a beautiful little lady she grows up to be :)