Monday, September 3, 2012

Let the Potty Training Begin... Day One

Well, well, well... here we are. Alli's a little over 22 months old... and I had a friend e-mail me a book that claims any child over the age of 22 months can be potty trained in 3 days by following her simple steps to a T. So, I checked out the calendar, saw I had a 3 day weekend this weekend, and with Dad-E's help, we could tag team this potty training thing. Then, my mom decided to come visit for the week too, so I thought, wonderful! Now we'll have even more help getting this potty thing down. I read the book about a billion times, and Friday night as we were going to bed, I was just plain excited. It was exciting putting Alli's last diaper on. I knew I was ready and prepared.

Day One (Saturday)
Alli woke up around 6:30, we ate breakfast, and took off her very last diaper. We put on big girl underwear (with Elmo on them, of course), and we then proceeded to "throw away" all of her remaining diapers. She took each one, one at a time, and threw them in the trash can... yelling "bye bye diapers!" Then, we went into the bathroom, talked about the potty and explained that she needs to tell me when she has to go potty, OK? I think I said this about 800 times this weekend. The book mentions how short a toddler's attention span is... how very true. We sat there drinking juice as I was on total Alli duty all weekend. Meaning, attached to her side. Watching her every move. And man, does the girl have moves. She moves and moves and moves and moves. I think I lost 10 lbs by following her around this weekend. Our first "release" came, and I rushed her to the potty. She finished going while sitting on the potty, panties soaked, but getting a few dribbles in there. She was so proud as I was jumping around excited. I thought, we can do this!! Little did I know, we were about to have 15 or more accidents before 10 am. I was just a little less excited, a little less patient, and a little more defeated with every accident. But, I stayed strong and continued to press on. She then made me the most proud she could... by going #2 in the potty... start to finish! She told us she had to go, got there, played around with a package of stickers, and then to my and her surprise, there it was! I had never been so proud to see poop in my life. And I've seen a lot of poop, I'm a nurse.

Nap time went wonderfully, she peed right before laying down, and woke up dry. She continued to have a few accidents but also a few times making it to the potty during the afternoon... followed by another poop successfully on the potty!! 2 for 2 for #2's! Anyway, bedtime went great too... she went right before bed, I got her up an hour after she laid down. She went again, and then right back to sleep. She woke up dry, to our great surprise, and it was off to start day two...

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