Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Little Gymnast (& more potty updates!)

We signed Alli up for her first "organized" sport (or disorganized... you should have seen the almost 2 year olds running around while poor Ms. Ashley was trying to keep all of their attention!)... gymnastics! Grandma C was down visiting for a week, so she got to come along and watch her first class. She will have classes every Saturday morning through the end of December. It was quite a sight to see... and I think next weekend, Eric will get to go with her to check it all out too! They did jumping exercises, played on the tumbling mats, played on the trampoline, went down slides, walked on the balance beam, and their favorite, jumped in the pit with all the foam blocks. She definitely had a lot of fun and of course, I think she's a natural. We even visited the bathroom twice during our class... with no accidents, and I think the other parents were quite impressed with Alli and her potty training. My mom heard them talking to their little girls, saying, "See? That girl is telling her mommy when she has to go potty!" She is doing amazing at potty training. I think that long weekend of being by her side and dedicated to only her and only potty training, really sunk in. It didn't work in 3 days, but it definitely laid the foundation. She is now asking to go to the potty each time, wants to visit the potty wherever we go, and has very few accidents. She's wearing underwear all day, and wears a pull-up at night... but most times, it's dry anyway. Once in awhile, she's been waking up at night and saying "potty!" So we get her up to the bathroom, and she goes! We honestly couldn't be more proud of her and how well she's doing.

Next weekend after gymnastics class in the morning, one of her friends from daycare is having her birthday party at The Little Gym... so that should be fun! A double dose of tumbling and getting all that energy out!

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