Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine, too!

It's becoming more and more apparent to us that we have an almost two year old living with us these days. The temper tantrums, the switch from angel to demon in less than two seconds, the stomping of the feet, the mine mine mine mentality... it's like it all happened overnight. Alli is definitely becoming her own little person... and with that, comes its challenges. I know she gets frustrated when she says things, over and over again, and we just can't quite figure it out. Most of the time, we know what she's saying, singing about, etc... but when we can't quite get it, she let's us know how frustrating that is for her. It's been even more difficult to try and explain to her that some things are Aiden's. (HA!) We have been giving him baby food quite a bit, but every time we do, she thinks she needs some too. Thankfully, she's never wanted his bottles, but when it comes to food, she thinks all of his food is "applesauce!!"... one of her all time faves. So, we had been giving her a bite just to keep her quiet, but we are trying not to anymore. She needs to learn that that's his, not hers. I also went and got a few more baby toys for Aiden, including his own Scout doll that sings his name and his favorite foods... the boy version of her same exact Violet doll that she's slept with since she was a baby. Well apparently, it doesn't matter that she has one that's almost identical. She heard his singing to him and her ears perked up. We quickly explained it was Aiden's, and made sure she knew where hers was and that it was the exact same thing. I can tell she's just loving exploring all the things that Aiden's exploring these days.. when he grabs at a toy, she's right there grabbing it with him. When he squeaks or laughs or makes a noise, she mimics him and they laugh together. It melts my heart to see them interacting like this already... and I can't wait until the day he starts really moving around... I can just imagine that Alli will freak out! I don't think she's even thought about the fact that one day, Aiden will be able to get up and play with her. I definitely don't wish their childhood away, but I can't wait to see them grow up together. <3

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