Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Potty Training: Days Two & Three... (and four, etc. etc. etc.)

So after waking up dry, she went four times in a row... pee after pee after pee... it was just amazing. The end. She's potty trained!


She had a few accidents here and there, I honestly can't keep track of everything. It was a pretty exhausting day. Even our "help" (grandma C) left for a little while to get out of the house/away from the madness! Ha! I was chasing Alli around, Eric was tending to lil man's every need, and we were doing our best to continue to ask her every 10 seconds to tell us when she had to use the potty. She again went #2 successfully in the potty, and there were definitely a lot fewer accidents than on Saturday. She went to bed Saturday night, and Eric and I went out in the convertible for a little relaxation time alone.

Monday morning she woke up soaked, which I figured would happen at some point, but she was a great sport about everything and even still went potty right when she woke up, too. She did a lot better and had a lot fewer accidents... and she kept saying "pee the potty!" I know things are starting to click for her, and she understands the need to go and get to the potty quickly when the feeling comes... but she can't quite get her underwear down on her own and sometimes it's just a little too long to wait, trying to get to the potty and take her underwear off all while holding it. We were so proud of all she'd accomplished, even though she still had her accidents. We know it's a work in progress. (And, just a note, the lady who wrote the "Potty Training in 3 Days at 22 months old" book is full of crap.) But, now that we've started, we aren't going back. We'll just continue on with persistence, patience, and good attitudes. And lots and lots more patience.

Today, she went to daycare for the first time in her big girl underwear. I talked to Ms. Erica, one of her teachers, and explained our weekend and told her how much we'd worked on things. One of the big things in their new "beginners" class is potty training. So, I figured it couldn't be too bad. We picked her up right after nap time, and she had went through two pairs of underwear and two pairs of shorts. (I had 4 pairs of shorts and 8 pairs of underwear in her bag, so that's not too bad!) Eric's going to talk with Ms. Erica a little more tomorrow morning and just make sure we're all on the same page with everything.

We couldn't be more proud of all she's accomplished, all before the age of two!, and we know there's still quite a ways to go. But she's really getting it! As Alli would say, "Bye Bye Pee-Pee's!!"

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