Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mr. Smiles is 5 months old!

Another month has flown by. I can hardly believe Aiden is 5 months old. His infancy/baby days are nearly half over... he'll be on his way to a year old before we know it. We have had so much trouble with his reflux/spitting up issues throughout his five months... and unfortnuately, it hasn't really gotten a lot better. We stopped giving him the Zantac again, because truly, it didn't matter if we gave it or didn't give it, he was still spitting up the same amount. He has started eating (and eating and eating and eating) baby foods, and loving every minute of it. However, that now means he throws up foods sometimes too. Carrots, green beans, squash, etc. are all just plain awful looking compared to the milk vomit we're used to. (Sorry folks, baby stories and updates aren't always pretty!)

Anyway, despite his issues with reflux, he is such a happy boy. He smiles constantly. Whenever you smile at him or talk to him, he just wiggles all around and smiles the biggest smile back at you. It is just adorable. He loves playing in his jumperoo, reaching for his toys and putting everything in his mouth. Especially his hands! He has recently found his feet, and loves grabbing them and trying to stick them in his mouth too. He has rolled over from belly to back a few times now in his crib, and he wiggles and scoots his way around while laying on his back to get moving all over the place... but not consistently rolling yet. Of course, this worries me, but, I should probably just be glad he's not too mobile yet. The thought of chasing him and his crazy big sis just wears me out. Speaking of his big sis, he absolutely adores her. He could watch her all day... his eyes get so big and he loves when she talks to and kisses him. I think his all time favorite though is just being outside. The noises outside, whether it's just birds chirping, the lawnmower, Alli yelling and acting like a nut... he loves it all. And I love watching him learn and take it all in.

Happy 5 months buddy! It's hard to believe the next time I write a post like this about you... you'll be half a year old...!!

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