Thursday, September 27, 2012

23 months and holding...

It's like when people are about to turn 30... and they say, no, I'm 29 and holding... that's how I feel about my baby girl turning two next month. So, as she hits 23 months today, I'm going to pretend that I don't know 2 years is right around the corner... and hold on to this month of still calling her a "something-month-old" instead of "something-year-old" as long as I can.

Our little princess is just growing and learning and amazing us every day. (I feel like if I take a look back at previous blog posts, this is a common theme I keep repeating, but it's so true!) She loves to sing. She sings her ABC's, which usually sounds like this:
"ABCDEEEF Jew, mumbling, P, mumbling, WXYZ. Now know my ABC's, next time sing with me, and mommy and dada and brooooo!"
She also loves singing Happy Birthday To You... and has lately started saying "Happy birthday to Alli Ru!" during the part where you say the birthday person's name... it's so adorable but I don't like it. It reminds me that her birthday is fast approaching!
She sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old MacDonald Had A Farm, and a few others that we can't really tell what they are. I think one may be her own made up song, because I catch a lot of "dada, doggy, bro, mama, Alli!" during it. I don't know many songs that have all of our names in it. :)

She really loves playing with Aiden more these days too. She has realized that he thinks she is just amazing, and she loves to milk that for all it's worth. He laughs at things she does, so she does them over and over, and she always wants to play with whatever he's playing with. Thankfully, he's very tolerant of that right now, and is content with just staring at her playing with the toys. I can just imagine how it'll go down when he's bigger than her (which I swear won't be far from now!), and he's stealing her toys. Oh boy.

The potty training is going just wonderfully. We are basically trained, except at night. She still wears a pull-up to bed, but I'd say about 75% of the time, it's dry when she wakes up and the first thing she does each morning is run to the potty. She comes home from school in the same clothes, and her name is always full of successful potty trips on their potty board. She has formed a new pooping regimen which usually occurs only when I'm home and right before bed. So she will be laying in bed and say potty!! while I'm lying there with her... and I think she's just lying so she can just get out of going to sleep. But, I take her every single time she says it, and lately, the last time she says it, it turns out to be a poop. Oh the joys of blogging about poop. :)

So, as the big TWO approaches, I'm trying to prepare myself for the fact that we'll have a half year old baby and a two year old toddler. What?!

Aiden adoring his big sis Alli

My 23 month old <3

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