Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Lil Hungry Man

There are updates on the lil A as well... he's starting to eat baby food... and loving it. He had been doing great with the rice cereal mixed with milk, and while my mom was here, we started giving him some fruits and veggies as well. It turns out, he's a lot like his sister in that we are yet to find something he doesn't like. He makes faces at some foods, like the green beans, but that doesn't stop him from eating it! He eats and eats, and makes whimpering noises in between bites if you don't get the spoon to his mouth fast enough. He kicks the tray on the chair too from getting so excited. It's hilarious! We are so happy that he's eating so well and seems to love all foods, and he sure loves to eat (let's hope and pray that both of the A's get their daddy's metabolism!).

I have been worried about the constant spitting up/throwing up/messes he still makes. The Zantac he's been on for months doesn't seem to do much. The ladies at day care recommended giving him gripe water throughout the day, so we have been doing that, but I still don't see much of a change. Our trips to the doctor about it have always been with the same result... it's something he'll grow out of and as long as he's gaining weight and not really bothered by the throwing up, he's fine. But the constant messes, laundry, etc. are no fun. And although he doesn't cry or fuss about throwing up, I can't imagine it feels good. When we try to have him do tummy time, it always results in mess, and then he's crying because his face is getting smeared in puke. (Yes, this is the exciting things I blog about... but... you asked for it!) We just feel awful for our little man and hope that he does grow out of it soon, and that it's not something more serious. You know me, the constant worry wart, and the pediatric nurse that knows and sees too much.

Despite all of that, he's still the most smiley and giggly baby we know. We just can't get enough of those baby giggles.

Eww green beans?!

Mr. Smiles

Hanging with dad

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