Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Is that normal??

This question is probably asked by millions of paranoid moms across the world every single day. Add in the fact that I'm a pediatric nurse, along with a paranoid mom, and poor Eric, poor Grandma C, poor grandma great, and anyone else that has to speak with me on a regular basis and hear me complain and worry and wonder if the things that Alli and Aiden are doing, or aren't doing, are normal.

Alli throws temper tantrums. She's almost two. (Ugh, see my previous post to know that I do not like admitting this!) This sounds normal, right? They aren't called the "terrible two's" for no reason. But of course, I have to wonder if my precious angel's terrible two's are worse than other kids? She has moments where I wonder what in the world is wrong with my child? Is it something I did? Or didn't do? She had an absolute meltdown just last night because she couldn't wear her socks in the bathtub. She cried the entire bath. Poor Aiden had to sit inches away from a screaming toddler while he tried enjoying his bath. Oh, paybacks from the days Aiden would cry all night and probably keep Alli awake. Anyway, as soon as we got her dried off and her precious bright yellow socks back on, she was fine. These type of fits aren't all that bothersome to me, but there are some that are hard. Like when she throws a huge tantrum when she can't ride her new motorized four-wheeler in the middle of traffic. I can only reason with a 23 month old so much. I feel like she really just thinks I'm the meanest mom in the world, and she gives me that awful lip quiver and saddest face ever and I melt. Ugh. Who signed me up for this? I have mentioned from day one that I knew as soon as Alli came out a girl, I was going to be in for it... as I was such a brat to my mom as a kid/teenager/etc... I like to think I'm her best friend these days, but, do I really have to wait 28 years until Alli will actually like me?

And then there's lil Mr. Smiles. As much as we call him Mr. Smiles, mister content, and all the rest, he still has moments of, well, being a baby. He has recently started to refuse sleeping through the night again... so I'm up usually around 2am to feed him. Oh joy. And he just recently started rolling over from his belly to his back so he gets absolutely ticked off when he is on his back trying to fall asleep. I can't win! I was over the top worried about the fact that he hadn't rolled over yet... and now, I wish he would stop so he could sleep again. I can't help but look back at pictures, notes, etc. of Alli at the same age as Aiden and see that he's not where she was developmentally. Everyone tells me that boys are slower than girls at things, and that he too will get there in his own time. At first, I was frustrated and worried and anxious. Now, I just hope he stays put where he is right now... he's growing way too fast all of a sudden and I'm not ready for two mobile kids around here. How is it possible that he's almost half a year old, too?

As every mom does, I just want my kids to be happy and healthy. And hopefully, my constant worry and fuss over if the things they are doing are normal or not won't hinder that development. I need a vacation to relax, take a step back, and realize how truly blessed I am.

See ya later mom...

Getting too close to being mobile...

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