Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween to my lil Bugs!

We had quite a few Halloween celebrations this year. This past Sunday, we went Trick or Treating at Mount Pleasant Towne Centre, where they had balloons out at the stores that were participating... so we got to go from store to store getting candy. Anneliese was still here for the weekend celebrating Alli's birthday, so she came along, and we had a blast. We even got to ride a *free* horse and carriage ride around the Towne Centre.
Old Navy was even giving out free balloons! Oh boy, our favorite

Horse & carriage ride

Best buddies, Ru & Fi
For Halloween, Chesterbrook had a parade and Alli had a ball. The teachers told me she was buzzing around the rooms and she seemed like she already knew what to do (because she did already have some practice on Sunday!), and she was great at saying "trick or treat" and "thank you!" afterward.

Halloween night, we packed up our bugs and went trick or treating through our neighborhood. We had a blast. Alli really got into it, she'd say hi!, try to walk into their houses, say "just one!" when picking out a piece of candy (although toward the end, she started taking handfuls, haha), and saying "trick or treat!" "Hap Halloween", "thank you", and "bye bye!" to each house. She was quite a hit. In the beginning, every time she'd get a piece of candy put in her bag, she'd take it out and hand it to me and say "plllllease!!" I told her we'd have to wait until we got home, and she looked so sad. But eventually, she got the point and saw all the other kids going around collecting their candy and not eating it right that second. Aiden was a trooper for the first half, and especially because he was in the stroller outside, he was as content as could be. He started getting fussy and as soon as Eric picked him up and put him on his shoulder, he passed out. Our lil cuddle bug. Happy Halloween!

Mommy's lil bugs


Sleepy lil cuddle bug

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