Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Sweet Side

Yes, believe it or not, our crazy lil Alli Ru definitely has a sweet, nurturing side. Two examples have taken place this past weekend that just melted my heart. First, my clumsy self fell and skinned my elbow while attempting to ride down a slide with Alli. She immediately noticed I was hurt and holding my elbow, and she kept saying, "Mama elbow? Mama elbow?" I said, "Yes honey, mommy has an ouchie on her elbow." She looked up at me with the most caring, worried look and said, "I kiss it!!", while leaning in to kiss my ouchie. It was the most precious moment, and I gave her a big hug and thanked her for making me feel better. She was so happy with herself, giggling and talking away, it was just too sweet. Even yesterday when I got home from work, she caught a glance of my still skinned elbow and once again exclaimed, "I kiss it!" It's almost too cute for me to handle.

Another amazing thing we've noticed a lot lately, and especially last weekend, was how caring she is toward Aiden. She was playing "with" him (or, just beside him at least...), and she would take his football and his rattle toys and hand them to him and say, "Here bro! Here bro!", one after another after another. Poor bro couldn't keep up with trying to grab on to each toy she was giving him, but it was so kind. Then, we were riding in the car, and poor Aiden still just isn't a fan of his car seat. He was just wailing and crying, and she kept trying to give him her things to calm him down. She handed him her sunglasses, "Here bro!", handed him her other pair of sunglasses, "Here bro!" and then when nothing else worked, we caught her just holding his hand. So precious.

Playing with and giving Aiden toys

The slide that caused mommy's ouchie

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  1. Aw two is such a fun age, love when toddlers are so sweet. & that picture of you two is precious!