Sunday, October 21, 2012

We Were THAT Family!

We had quite a fun-filled weekend. Of course, Saturday morning was the usual 'nastics!!! class for Alli, and then lots of playing outside in the beautiful weather. In the afternoon, we decided to take a trip to run a few errands, and we just so happened to be up by one of Dad-E and I's favorite restaurants, Chipotle. We contemplated with each other back and forth about attempting to go eat there with both babies. Now mind you, in the 6 months since Aiden's been around, we've only done this twice. Once was with the assistance of my mom, and the other time went fairly flawlessly, but, we are still petrified. We're scared to be the family with a screaming baby, a toddler who's uncontrollable, and be those parents who are just totally embarrassed about it all. Well, we decided to go for it... on one condition. We would have to eat outside. You all truly don't understand how content and relaxed Aiden is when he's outside. And Alli, well, she's just hit or miss. She's almost two. She's got a mind of her own, and a little thing like the wind blowing her hair the wrong way can totally set her off. But anyway, we went for it.

We got our food without incident, she got a cheese quesadilla, beans, rice, chips, chocolate milk (all for like $3.50! Go Chipotle kids meals!), and we made our way outside to a table with a good sun shade. (Yes, it was still almost 80 outside!) Alli sat in a regular chair right beside us, while Aiden hung out in his car seat, which yes, he still hates, by the way. Dad-E and I cautiously dug into our meals while everyone was still quiet. We were surrounded by a few other couples eating outside, and as more people came outside to sit around us, I got more and more anxious... wondering when the chaos would begin. To my amazement, Alli was just as happy as could be, really enjoying her food and the sights around her. She'd hear cars honking as they drove by and she'd yell "beep beep!" Her napkin went flying, and she jumped out of her seat to get it. I was about to lose it, until I saw heard her say, "I get it!", and head straight for the trash can. She threw it away and ran back to her seat. What?! Who is this girl? Aiden was smiley, giggly, grabbing his feet and just coo-ing away. I wasn't so worried about this, knowing how happy he is outside, but I figured he'd be hungry soon and was definitely unprepared with no bottle and not about to breastfeed right out in the parking lot/outside patio of Chipotle. But anyway, we got through the meal without incident. We actually had people look at us and smile in admiration instead of in disgust. I could tell they were thinking, "Wow! Those kids are behaving so well!" We were finally THAT family that I always envy... but, that still doesn't mean we will be doing it more often. Lets just savor that trip for awhile.

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