Friday, August 31, 2012

New Beginnings... Take Two!

As I previously mentioned, we had a lot of firsts and new experiences start this week. Yesterday, Dad-E took The A Team to daycare as usual, worked all day, and picked them up. When he went to pick them up, Ms. Denver, one of Aiden's teachers, asked him if Aiden was rolling over yet. Dad-E mentioned that he's gotten close a few times, but has yet to make it all the way over. Ms. Denver kind of gave him the side eye, with a sheepish grin. Dad-E knew right then that he must have rolled over for them at school. So, of course, he asked... and she said he had, three different times! I was so proud of him and hearing this news was just wonderful. Another milestone reached. Dad-E saw him roll over this morning at 3am... he decided to roll on his back, then remembered he doesn't like sleeping on his back, so he started crying. He went in and saw him smiling up at him... which brought back so many memories of when Alli first discovered she could do this trick as well. Once he rolled A-Man back onto his stomach, he fell right back to sleep. Of course, a part of me is definitely sad that Aiden's first time rolling over was at daycare, instead of being with me, but I'm just so proud of the little man... and how fast he's growing up right before our eyes.

Soon he'll be crawling to keep up with big sis!
The second part of "new beginnings take two" starts first thing tomorrow morning. Alli's Potty Training Adventure! Stay tuned for my detailed report... coming soon!

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