Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mr. Smiles

Aiden just literally melts my heart. I have missed him dearly since I've gone back to work (yes, of course I miss Alli too!), but I feel like my time home with Aiden truly flew by, a lot more so than with Alli. And, a lot of my time home with Aiden was just plain hard, and frustrating, and full of tears (from both of us!). So now that he's a truly happy baby, it makes me sad that I can't hang out with him all day. That's so typical. As soon as he gets "fun", happy, more playful and starting to do more things, it's time to go back to work. But, I definitely cherish all the moments, smiles and "conversations" I get to have with him when I get home, putting him to bed, and waking up that one time through the night. (Yes, he still wakes up at night, but, it's only once... and... I kind of enjoy the time together. That seems crazy when all I wanted before was just to get some sleep! Trust me, I still love my sleep, but, I do love hanging out with my boy too.)

He is just SO smiley, Eric & I can't get over it. We really don't remember Alli being as smiley, content and talkative as he is. He could literally sit in his chair and just smile and coo and squeak for the longest time. He loves to observe and watch us, watch his big sister run around like a crazy person, and he seems to just be "taking it all in." Sounds a lot like Eric when he was young, and he's still kind of like that as an adult. And speaking of him being like Eric... I really wish you all could see Eric's baby pictures. You'd be shocked at how much Aiden looks like Eric's baby pictures. It's almost creepy! No wonder I think Aiden is so adorable, I've always had a thing for his daddy too... and how adorable he's always been.

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