Monday, August 20, 2012

We Live Where You Vacation....

There are obvious perks to living in Charleston. We wouldn't be down here away from our families and friends if there weren't things that kept us happy here. One of those main things is the beach. We absolutely love being this close to the beach, taking weekends with the kiddos to the beach, and having "day-cations" of just Eric and I to the beach while the kiddos spend time with their friends at daycare.

Another positive of having the beach this close is having visitors! We obviously live in a vacation destination... and our family and friends come to visit quite often. One of Eric's old college roommate and groomsman, Dallas, and his future wife came to come visit a few weeks ago. It was so great to see them... and they actually love Charleston so much that they are getting married here next year (which is great for Eric since he's a groomsman as well, we won't have to travel for it!) My Uncle Tom came for a long weekend last week, which was great fun too. He got to meet Aiden for the first time, and see what a ham Alli has turned into. In a few more weeks, my mom will be coming back down for a week long trip. I'm so excited to have her see how much Aiden and Alli have both grown, and for her to get a chance to relax on the beach, too.

As much as I miss so many of my family members and friends up north, I'm glad we live in such a beautiful city close to the ocean. When are you planning your trip down to come see us??

Great Uncle Tom & Aiden

It's not vacation, it's just a Saturday...

Work hard, play harder.

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