Monday, August 20, 2012

Aiden is 4 months old!

Our lil peanut turned four months old this weekend. I wanted to wait to post an update until we'd gone to his doctor's visit this morning. What a visit it was! Besides getting 3 shots, a medicine by mouth, and ticked off by the doctor looking in his ears and doing his full body assessment, we also talked a lot about our concerns related to his reflux. On top of that, we also have some new things to worry about. So, here's where we start. During his assessment, Dr. Kelly noticed he has some spots of eczema. No big deal, Alli had it too and it went away, or when she does get little flair ups once in awhile, we have some cream we put on and it's gone the next day or so. So, we got a refill on the cream, we'll use it on him as well, and she suggested we get Aveeno bath soap and lotions and put that lotion on him at least twice a day.

The reflux issue is still sticking around. It seemed to get better for a little while, but all in all, he still spits up quite a bit. However, it doesn't seem to bother him. He'll literally spit up while he's smiling. But, needless to say, it's hard on us to have vomit on every shoulder of every shirt we own... and we just can't wash the burp cloths fast enough. So, she added Prevacid, another anti-reflux medication, and she said it was really up to me if I wanted to start using it as well. With the Prevacid, it's a solu-tab type medication, which you mix with some milk and give to him 15 minutes before his first meal of the day. The Zantac will then be switched to around noon time and then before bedtime meal. She said some people see a difference with the Prevacid, and some don't. So, it's really up to us. If it doesn't seem to bother him, this is the height/age of spitting up/reflux issues... so we may just stick it out until he grows out of it. It'll be something Eric and I need to discuss further and see what we think. She does think that he may be having too much volume at a time since he's now eating 6 oz. with each feeding, and she mentioned adding rice cereal to his bottles or twice a day and see how he does with that as well. We'll see how it goes!

Dr. Kelly also seemed a little concerned about Aiden's head control and that it may not be where it should be. He isn't rolling over yet, and she thinks we need to work hard on more tummy time and getting his neck/back/head muscles stronger. She even mentioned a possible need for physical therapy if things don't get better... she wants me to keep an eye on him and see if I think he's improving with his head control and strength. Of course, this worries me and freaks me out... but hopefully we'll just work with him a lot and things will get better. I talked with one of my best friends about it already... and she thinks, as bad as it seems, it may be because he's the 2nd child and doesn't get as much attention as Alli got during this stage/age. When Alli was young, all we had to do was concentrate on her, push her to sit up in the Bumbo, etc... while the other one of us cooked dinner, etc. Now, we have to tag team... one paying attention to Alli, one making dinner, and a lot of times, Aiden may get the shaft of just hanging out in his bouncy chair while we're trying to get a million other things done too. That will change, now. I want my baby boy to be just as smart and strong as Alli.

On a happy note though, Aiden has to be the smiliest little man we've ever seen. He smiles and talks SO much. The talking has increased so much this past week or so... he just babbles all the time! He is so happy and content most of the time... although he has really found out how loud he can be and when he's mad about being tired or hungry, you'll know about it. He is happy to sit in the chair, chew on his hands, and watch his sister run around like a crazy person. He splashes and kicks in the bath... I was totally soaked after last night's bathtime adventures.

The Stats:
Weight: 14 lbs (31st percentile)
Height: 26 & 1/2 inches (93rd percentile)
Head: 16 & 1/2 inches (40th percentile)
Diaper Size: 1's
Clothing Size: 3-6 months, lots of 6 months now just because of his length!
Shoe Size: No shoes yet, just baby socks
Food: All mommy milk, up to about 6 oz. every 3 hours or so
Naps: He is starting to fall into the routine of 9-10:30am nap, then 1-3ish nap, and another quick snooze around 4:30-5ish
Sleep: Asleep for the night by 7ish, waking up a few times but we're doing the cry it out method right now... work in progress... up at 5:30-6ish
Teeth: 0
Sounds: Lots of cooing, babbling, ooo's and aaaa's, and giggling for daddy & Aunt Katie!
Play: Bouncy chair, attempting more and more tummy time, playing on the mat and swatting at toys, watching his sister... he's quite the observer.
Mommy & lil A

Superman practicing his tummy time!

Kisses from big sis <3

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