Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!!

Is it really 2012??

I graduated high school ten years ago. That's just crazy to me... I remember when they would ask us in high school... where do you see yourself in ten years?? I'd have to say, I'm very happy and content with where I am in life. I found an amazing partner and best friend in Eric, I have some great friends, some who have come in and out of my life but I'm thankful for the good times we shared, and some that have come back in within the last few years and I couldn't be happier and luckier to have them. We have a beautiful house we've made our home, a loving and sometimes a little crazy rescued dog, and of course... we have a sweet baby (ok, toddler?!) girl that I definitely couldn't imagine ever living without.

It's hard to believe our life is going to become even more blessed this year. We are so excited to have baby M make their arrival this year, and see how life will be with two under two. Oh boy. We're ready for the crazy ride... or at least, we're pretending we are. I can't wait to see how Alli is as a big sister, and how Eric & I handle being parents of two. And of course, I can't wait for all of you to find out if baby M is a boy or girl... :o)

After we went to a neighbor's house last night to bring in the New Year, we came home, got Alli situated in bed, and went to bed ourselves. Little M was quite active, so I had Dad-E see if he could feel them moving too... and he could! It was an amazing moment in the wee hours of 2012, what a way to start out the new year... both of us together feeling our little one moving around in my belly. Just wonderful.
Cheers (with a non-alcoholic drink for the pregnant one) to 2012, may it be wonderful and full of happiness for all!! 

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  1. What a great memory to start 2012 out with!!