Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bye Bye Bottle

For the past few months, we've cut down to only giving Alli a bottle right when she wakes up, and right before bed. All day while she's at daycare or home with us, she uses her straw cup and loves it... she'll drink milk, water and juice out of it, no problem. I just knew that the bottle in the morning and at bedtime was more of a comfort thing, and what she was used to... so that was going to be the difficult part... not necessarily making her drink out of the cup.

This weekend, we decided to take the plunge. We packed up all the bottles so there are none in sight, and none for us to just grab and give to her in a moment of desperation. Last night, she did a lot better than I expected. We went through the normal routine, and when Dad-E came upstairs with a cup instead of a bottle, she was obviously disappointed. But, we didn't make a big deal about it, or force her to have any. She had a few sips while we read a book, and gave us the signal that she was ready for bed. So, off to the bathroom we went to brush those 12, almost 13 teeth... and off to her crib she went. No problems!

This morning was another story. She was very upset about not having her normal bottle while she lounged on the couch watching 3rd and Bird. Or Little Einsteins. Or Chuggington. Or whatever is on when she wakes up. She cried and cried, but, we held firm. We made breakfast and let her help quite a bit.. she had pancake batter all over her face, but that's the fun part. She then sat with us and we all ate breakfast together, and she chugged her milk out of her cup... no big deal. Bedtime went similar to last night too, so, I think we'll be fine. I'm sure tomorrow morning will bring a few more tears, but, we're getting through it. Of course I figure that by the time she really gets used to no bottles and not seeing them around, the next baby will come along, drinking out of bottles, and she'll want one again. I sure hope not, but, ya never know. For now though, we're making it!

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