Thursday, January 26, 2012

Are you kidding??

It's hard to believe we're almost into the 3rd trimester with baby #2. How did the time fly by so quickly?? Oh, that's right, because we've been busy chasing around an almost 15 month old wild child. I am so excited to meet this new addition to our family, having a little newborn to snuggle with again, and see how Alli adjusts to her new sibling. I'm also excited to have the stupid comments end. People are so very ignorant when it comes to talking to a pregnant woman. Here are just some recent examples in the past few weeks I've had to deal with...

"Wow, you're really starting to waddle."
Really? What do you say back to that? Thanks?

"When are you due?" "April 29th" "Oh wow, you're going to be huge!"
Really? What do you say back to that? Thanks?

"What are you having?" "It's a surprise for everyone." "Oh! Well you'll definitely be surprised when it's twins in there instead of just one!"
Really? What do you say back to that? Thanks?

Come ON people, just shut your mouth if you can't think of anything polite to say.

On a fun note... it's been SO nice outside (in the mid-70's!), that I pulled out the tank top I wore the last time I was 26 weeks pregnant to take a picture in the same tank top. So to think that when I was 26 weeks pregnant with Alli, it was July, and now I'm 26 weeks pregnant with baby M #2 and it's January, and I am able to wear almost the exact same outfit, that's just amazing.

Here's the comparison... how do you think the baby bump compares from baby 1 to baby 2?

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  1. People and their ignorance are just fabulous! I think baby #2 is sitting back a little further. But you look awesome!!