Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting closer and closer....

We are just days away from the third trimester, which is so hard for me to believe! This pregnancy has truly flown by... which is good and bad. The good = the baby will be here soon, we're so ready to expand our family, the "pregnancy crazies" will be over soon (aka - pregnancy brain... which has included me putting opened applesauce in the pantry versus back in the fridge... thank goodness Eric found it soon after, among other things!)... The bad = the movements in my belly will be gone, this could quite possibly be the last time I'm ever pregnant, and, we're going to be so busy so soon! We're trying to get things cleared out of the 4th bedroom to move Alli down there, and re-do the current nursery just a little. We won't be painting the nursery again... Eric thinks that at some point in the next few years, we'll eventually move baby M down the hall too, move our guest room back to where the nursery is now, and we'd just have to paint all over again.

So, with all that being said, as we get closer and closer, two of the best things happened in the past couple days! Yesterday, I took and passed my glucose test, so thankfully, there will be no worries about gestational diabetes and I can go back to eating my pretzel M&M's without too much concern :) And, the most special thing I think thus far with this pregnancy happened tonight while I was reading to Alli before bedtime. She was sitting on my lap, leaned against my side/belly while I read to her, and baby M was moving and grooving all over the place. The baby kicked Alli in the side, and she kind of jumped and looked up at me, with the most adorable questioning eyes, like, "what the heck was that!?" I talked to her about her baby sibling coming soon, and how they can't wait to meet her too. These moments are ones I'll never forget.

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