Monday, February 6, 2012

15 for 15

No, I'm not talking about free-throws or field-goal stats, I'm talking about Alli's teeth. That's right Followers, my 15-month old now has 15 teeth. They have all successfully broken the surface and are crowding their way into her smile. The only one she's missing at the moment is her top-left cuspid to complete the set.

They have come in so quickly that Mommy B nor I have been able to tell when she's teething. Given that these last seven have all come in in the last six to eight weeks, it seems like a new one has popped through almost every time we look in her mouth. Honestly, she has more teeth than many adults out there. I can't believe how quickly she's changed from a gummy little cuddler to a toddler running around the house with (almost) a full set of pearly whites.

Speaking of growing up too fast, she moved up to the toddler class a couple weeks ago and Mommy B and I are astounded at the things they do now. She no longer sleeps in a crib at school, but on a cot they pull out and throw a sheet (and her blankie) on. Say what?? How does she not get up and run around/torment the other kids? Also, they no longer use high chairs - they all sit around in kid-sized chairs and eat from a table. Did I mention they don't wear bibs anymore either? Good lord, when did my kid become a... kid?

What's more, is that Mommy B and I have been able to pick up on the fact that they also teach sign language to the kids. No, I'm not talking about the kind of sign language for the hearing impaired... I'm talking about the signs kids use to signal certain things.

For example, when Mommy B and I were feeding Alli dinner the other night, she made a sound similar to "done" and held her hands out and waved them from side to side. Think of her as trying to screw in a sideways light bulb for a visual. I looked at Mommy B and asked "did she just sign 'done' to us?" After a quick Google search, we confirmed that was in fact the sign for "done/finished." Holy cow, she's a fast learner.

This is a good and bad thing... bad because it's kind of sad that a toddler is teaching sign language to her parents (and not the other way around), but good because it means our daycare payments are going to something more constructive than just 8 hours of adult supervision. It means that not only are they teaching her valuable motor skills but also expanding her vocabulary as well. She's learning to verbalize her feelings (like being full) instead of just throwing her plate on the floor. Not that my angel would ever do something like that... Mommy B and I are excited to see what she comes home with next.

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