Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How soon they forget

So I know Mommy B and I have talked about moving Alli to her "new room" this past weekend a lot lately, and I have to say it's become a bigger deal for us than it has for Alli. Of course, like much else that goes on with children at this age, they just roll with it. Certain things don't register with them like it does for a fully "aware" adult.

It's such an odd feeling now - walking by Alli's "old room" (a.k.a. the nursery) and knowing that she doesn't "live there" anymore. She spent just about every night of the last 16 months in that room, in that crib, with the same night light. Now she's in a completely different room, on the opposite side of the house, in a different crib (kind of), with a different night light.

Mommy B and I spent some time this past weekend cleaning the nursery while Alli was napping. After everything was cleaned up, put away and set up for Baby M #2's arrival - I just kind of stood in the doorway looking in at it. All the memories of the nights Mommy B and I spent in that room with Alli came flooding back to me. How many times I carried her on my shoulder rocking her back to sleep after Mommy B fed her. How many times we rushed in to comfort her when the teething became unbearable in the middle of the night. How many times we peeked in on her after she fell asleep to fix her blanket and unwedge Pooh. How the power went out in just her room for a couple days and Pops (my dad) had to get on Skype with me to help me fix it. How the smoke detector went off in the middle of the night (as it always does) and she didn't even wake up.

And I realized how crazy it'll be doing it all over again with our next child. OK, I can do without some of those memories happening again - but you get the point. I never thought just moving Alli down the hall to a new room would be such a new chapter in our lives with her... and it's crazy to see how quickly she has adjusted. She doesn't even go in there anymore - just like she rarely went into the room that is now hers before we converted it. How soon she forgets that it was her room once... but I know I'll never forget it.

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