Saturday, February 25, 2012

Alli's new room (in progress)

We've officially moved Alli down the hall to her new room as of last weekend, and what can we say, she was just a champ! She didn't put up a fight, she slept wonderfully, naps wonderfully in there, and now runs down the hall to her room all the time... she doesn't even look in her old room anymore. We are still in the process of putting everything in the right places, figuring out what to hang on the walls, etc. but it's so crazy to see this 4th bedroom as an actual room now! When we first moved in, the previous owner had used it as a study/spare junk room... which is what we did with it too. We eventually got another bed in there for more family and guests when they came to visit, but it was still pretty much just a place to store our extra crap. Now, that extra crap has to go somewhere, so that's all been a process too. But, we're slowly but surely getting through cleaning everything out. And the nursery is now being transformed back to "baby-ish" again... raising the crib up, getting the changing table cleaned off (since it was being used more as storage than anything else... we change Alli wherever we can pin her down, which usually ends up just being the floor), and getting all the baby toys out again. It's so strange to think that in just a few months or less, we'll have another baby sleeping in there, and Alli all the way down the hall in her new room too. We're certainly filling up this house! :o)

Here are some pics of the progress of her room... I've been browsing Pinterest and other websites for ideas of things to hang up in her room, and what to do with her closet space since she has a big ole walk-in closet now... but still can't decide. She does love her new room though... and we're thankful for that!

Right after painting...

Closet before...

Alli approves of her new crib

Alli's new closet after

The new room!... starting to get organized...

Another view

And another view. her kitchen's in her room now... she LOVES that!

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  1. How cute! You could get some cute frames and print off different printables for free from Pinterest and then you can change them with each season or something! We are debating about putting the girls together once Lucy goes in a big girl bed. I like the separate rooms, but Molly keeps asking to "live" with Lucy, haha!