Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! It's hard to believe that this is the 9th Valentine's Day Eric & I have spent together. That's 1/3 of our lives we've spent "dating" or married... pretty incredible that he's not totally sick of me yet. Two years ago on the eve of Valentine's Day, we found out we were pregnant with our first baby (that would be the infamous Alli Ru)! We were supposed to be getting on a plane heading to Maui, Hawaii for our dream vacation, yet, it snowed so much here in Charleston that we literally got snowed in. They didn't have the proper equipment to de-ice the plane (I am pretty sure the staff at the Charleston Airport had no idea what "de-icing" even meant), so they cancelled all flights that evening and sent us home. We thankfully were able to reschedule the flight for the following day, but needless to say, we were bummed. Anyone that has travelled to Hawaii, especially all the way from the east coast (i.e. South Carolina) knows that one whole day needs to be devoted just to traveling, and then adapting to the time change. To have a day taken away from our dream trip was pretty upsetting, but obviously, we realized there was nothing that could be done. On our way home, I mentioned to Eric that I thought we should take a pregnancy test. He was unsure and kind of in disbelief... we had just started talking about wanting to "start trying" when we went out to dinner at New Years, only a month and a half ago. Anyway, needless to say, 4 positive tests later, we were both still in shock, but totally excited. As we went off to Maui the next day, I had a whole new feeling... knowing that I was taking a baby with us on our dream vacation... and knowing that this would probably be our "last hurrah" for a long while.

So, Valentine's Day weekend will always be special to us now, for many reasons, but also to remember how many years it's been since we've been on a vacation, just the two of us. We WILL get to Bora Bora someday, or maybe at least just another Caribbean vacation someday in the near future. SOMEone out there has to be willing to watch our sweet Alli Ru, AND #2 when they get here too... right? Any takers?? =)

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  1. I am sure the grandparents will be ALL over that!! I loved Hawaii, too!! And what a sweet memory for V-day!