Thursday, March 1, 2012

I (used to have to) steal my kisses from you...

I know one thing I couldn't wait for was Alli growing old enough to give me "real" kisses. This past week, she's really gotten good at them. If you ask her for a kiss, she puts her lips together and leans in for it... it's just so precious and melts my heart. Our bedtime routine now consists of me showering while Alli gets a bath from Dad-E, then Dad-E reading to her and putting her to sleep while I get my hair dried and ready for bed too... (getting up at 4am is just not normal and it still hasn't gotten easier yet for me, so going to bed at 8:30 or 9 seems like the only reasonable thing!) (And yes, Dad-E is that wonderful... bath, reading, bedtime for Alli, and usually dinner and dishes for us too. No, you can't have him and he's not for sale :) When Dad-E brings Alli in the bathroom to brush her teeth (the last step before putting her in the crib!), he brings her over to me and I ask her for a kiss. She puckers up and leans in, gives a big mouth to mouth smooch, and then backs up like she's so shy, smiling and giggling.

I'm so glad that I no longer have to steal my kisses from Alli... she willingly gives them away, and those ones right before she heads off to bed make a long or stressful day just seem like it doesn't even matter. These are the moments we live for, the ones that we didn't even know existed prior to having a child.

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