Monday, March 26, 2012

Just another weekend... or was it?!

We had a great weekend again around here, with great weather, great health, and great attitudes had by all. You never know with a toddler running around when an ear infection or some other random infection may come and ruin your weekend, or when a temper tantrum may cause any plans you had to be thrown out the window. But, we've been quite lucky lately to have Alli in good spirits and good health. Friday night was just another night around these parts... early to bed for all. However, about 1:30 AM, I woke up with the most intense pain I'd felt in a long time. I tried to grin and bear it, but I eventually was in so much pain I yelled to Eric to wake up to help. No, it wasn't labor. I had a charlie horse in my leg. It was SO bad that it woke me out of my sleep, and Eric tried to massage it and work my foot back and forth to help. I scared him half to death though... he literally thought I may be in labor. After that, he was determined to have us pack our bags and get a little more prepared for this baby's arrival. I have been feeling a lot different lately, and it's hard to describe exactly what it is. I obviously don't know what it's like to go into labor on my own, since I was induced with Alli, but something just feels different this time. I'm hoping that may be a good sign, but not yet! I still have two weeks until I'm considered "full term", so I'd like to wait until then before anything exciting happens. Stay tuned!

On Saturday, we had plans to get our pictures taken by our favorite photographer, Sterling Pickett. She had offered to do free maternity pictures for us if I would be willing to let her along with 5 other photographers take our pictures at the same time. They were all learning and hadn't done many maternity shoots, so it would be a good opportunity for them, and free pictures for us! We couldn't pass up that offer, you know how much I love pictures! Anyway, needless to say, something had to happen to ruin our plans... it started pouring down rain about 30 minutes prior to the shoot. Go figure. Thank goodness we were all flexible and were able to get them done Sunday instead. We had a lot of fun, despite all the awful mosquitoes out, and Dad-E and I go to see another beautiful area of Charleston we'd never been to yet. She did the photo shoot at the Old Naval Base in North Charleston, which has been the set for movies and the show Army Wives as well. The scenery was just beautiful. Here's a sneak peek at some of the pics...

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  1. I was induced with my first 3 boys and I thought it was Heaven. With Carter, I actually went into labor around 3am and honestly, I prefer actually going into labor.. I'd choose it everytime! (though we're done with babies, haha).. but I remember all day on the 17th I felt so weird. My stomach was super tight, it almost felt rock hard. I walked around a lot during the afternoon and figured that was what was bothering me. But, at 3am I woke up and I could feel the tightness get worse and the contractions started.. I don't know if its like that for everyone, but there's a slight idea of what going into labor alone is like. I can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or girl!, so hurry and have the baby soon! I'm guessing boy though! Best of luck!! =)