Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's Ru been up to?

I can't get over things that Alli picks up on these days, and just how smart she is becoming. I'm sure this is normal with all kids around her age, but of course, being her mom, I'm biased into thinking she's just brilliant. She has been doing sign language for a while now, something she learned at good ole Chesterbrook!, and she's learning more by the day. She signs "done", "more", "thank you"... and maybe more, but shoot if I know what all of it is. Maybe mommy needs to take the sign language class at daycare too.

The other night, I was giving her a bath and started singing "The Wheels on the Bus". Now, I've sang this song before with her, and she just smiles and giggles... so I know she's a fan. (Probably just of the song, not my singing.) Anyway, this time, she started doing hand motions with it! I was in awe. She did the wheels with a circular motion, the wipers going back and forth, and the cutest of all, the babies on the bus go "wahh, wahh wahh", she puts her hands up to her eyes and does the crying sign. It's so adorable, and she's so proud of herself. I can't get over how much she knows and picks up on. So much credit goes to our wonderful daycare, I'm so happy with them there, know she's learning and experiencing so much, and has so much fun playing with the other kids in her class.

When we read her book that has all the Winnie the Pooh characters in it, she runs over to her bed, looks back at us and says "a-Pooh!!", until we grab Pooh, give him to her, and then we can finish reading the book. Dad-E said today she was holding Pooh in her arms and he said to give Pooh a kiss and say bye, it was time to go... and she tossed him in her crib. She understands things more than we even realize. Hopefully, the "careful Alli!!" thing will sink in soon too.

There are so many things and examples, I just wish I could remember them all right now... but pregnancy brain has gotten the best of me. Speaking of... can you believe we're only a month or so away from meeting Alli's little si....bling?! So exciting!!

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