Wednesday, March 21, 2012

34 weeks and counting...

We are fast approaching baby M #2's arrival... and we honestly couldn't be more excited!! Alli is getting more and more fun, entertaining, goofy and independent as the days go by, which keeps us on our toes and keeps us busy, so it's been hard to really sit back and realize that in just a few more weeks, we'll have a newborn who constantly needs us again.

Last week at my OB appointment, my doctor said everything looks great. I've been very fortunate to have two really uneventful pregnancies, and I'm hoping this labor will go as great as Alli's did. I had to be induced 4 days after our due date with her since she didn't want to come out and play, but it couldn't have went easier or smoother. We checked in the hospital at 6am that day, and she was born at 4pm... the epidural went nice and smooth, the pushing only lasted a few minutes, and the moment of Dad-E seeing the baby for the first time and announcing "It's a girl!!" was just priceless. I know this time will be just as exciting, even though we know the sex of the baby, but just being able to announce it to the world will be amazing. I'm sure you wouldn't believe me if I told you, but we still haven't picked a name yet. We have a few we like, and even found a new one we like in the past few weeks, which we haven't told anyone yet either... we're just so indecisive about it! It may actually be one of those things where we just lay eyes on the baby for the first time, and name them then. Anyway, since I had to be induced with Alli, the discussion has already started with Dr. R about induction date possibilities this time. Since I'm due on a Sunday, she said she wouldn't be opposed to inducing the week before or the week after, depending on how I felt and how things were going. We're looking at dates, trying to figure things out... and watch, this time we'll go into labor on our own.

Tonight we go for our tour of the new hospital where we'll have this baby... which makes everything even more real! Our doctors are now delivering at a brand new hospital in Mt. Pleasant, instead of the nice new one where we had Alli... so we need to get a feel of where L&D is, where the postpartum unit is, cafeteria for Dad-E, etc. Who knows, it could only be 3 weeks or so until this little one decides they want to join our nutty family! But, I don't know, if they can hear their crazy sister, crazy dog, and crazy parents, they may just want to stay put inside where it's safe for now. All I know is I can't wait to hold an infant again!!

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