Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life Lessons Learned

This week has been a rough one for me, and all I can say is that we get stronger and grow as a person with each life experience, good and bad.

Some day, when my little girl gets her heart broken, either by a boy (let's hope her daddy never runs into that boy in a dark alley!), a bully, or a friend that has hurt her feelings, I'll have experiences to share with her and hope that she can learn something too. I want her to learn that she needs to stand up for herself, even when she's afraid to, or worried about what other people will say or think. I want her to know that her feelings are her feelings, and she's allowed to feel that way, regardless of what others may think she's supposed to feel. And most of all, I want her to surround herself with people who make her feel better about herself, not question everything and wonder if she'll ever be good enough.

I want my little girl to grow up strong and confident, so, she must learn by example. Here's to a new chapter of my life, growing stronger and more confident in who I am, and who I strive for Alli to become someday too.

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  1. Alli has a great role model in her mommy, she's going to grow up to be a strong, independent & self-sufficient little lady!