Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bedtime blues (for mommy)

Alli is not a cuddler. She never really has been, except when she was really small and slept all the time, but especially not now when she's on the go (go go go go...) At bedtime, we've switched up our routine so she's not used to a bottle right before bed, and she's really over the bottle anyway, maybe only taking 2 oz. before bed. So, we do her bath, get her lotioned, PJ's on, and bottle. Then, we go back into the bathroom and brush her teeth. She loves this, not sure if it's the toothpaste, the way the toothbrush feels, whatever, she loves it. Then, we go back into her room and read a book... (ha!) This is what we're supposed to do... however, she wants nothing to do with sitting still on my lap while I read. She wants down to crawl around or walk from chair to changing table to other chair to dresser to hamper to... yes, you get the idea. So tonight, I took her straight from brushing her teeth and kissed her goodnight as I laid her in her crib. She cuddled up with her favorite pal, Pooh... and when we went in to check on her 20 minutes later, she was asleep. I guess she doesn't need us to cuddle her or have wind down time with. Maybe that will change, and I guess we should be happy she can put herself to sleep so easily, but is this weird? Should she just go to sleep on her own and not need us or need anything? Mommy wants to have a little girl that wants to cuddle and read a book with before bed... not one that's so grown up she doesn't even want me. I guess I should be careful what I wish for... when she's big enough to get up out of her bed and come to our room, I could be taking that wish back real quick...

These days seem like so long ago...

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  1. Jake used to cuddle really well when he was a baby, but once he learned to crawl and walk he decided he'd much rather be independent. It was really sad. When he started kindergarten last year he didn't even want us to walk him in.. I burst into tears so Curt ended up walking him in, but he wouldn't hug or kiss me goodbye. But now, he is 6 and at night time he will come up to me before bed and give me a big hug and kiss and tell me he loves me.. I still can't get an "I love you too" when I drop him off at school, but thats ok.. for now. =) Anyway, through all of this rambling, all I am saying is in time she will come to you and want you to hug her or cuddle her.. You've just raised a child who is very aware that her parents love her very much and she can find comfort in knowing your there when she needs you, but can also comfort herself as well and thats is a fabulous thing. Congrats! =)