Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The latest tricks and trades of lil Ru...

It seems like each and every day, Alli learns something new. The other day, she started saying "yea" and "nah" with meaning. We'll try to give her the sippy cup, and she pushes it away with the flip of a wrist and says "nah". It's like we're just offering it and she has a choice, and she's saying "nah, not right now thanks". It's quite funny, but then again, it's not... we'd like her to know that we are telling her she needs to drink, not that she has an option. But, we have learned fast that she's going to do what she's going to do... and forcing her to do something would only make it worse and cause a bigger meltdown. She's also been so adorable in showing us where her belly is. We say, Alli where's your belly, and she pats it with both hands... and laughs and laughs. It's so precious. We've learned to take the good, funny things (as in, the belly and her "yea!" when we ask if she's hungry or wants something in particular), and the bad, frustrating things ("nah", don't bother me with that mom!) all in stride. She's just learning her boundaries... and so are we!

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