Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cartoon of the Week

Yesterday, Dad-E, Ru & I hit the road to Columbia and met the Koehler's as they drove down from Charlotte for Ru & Fi's first trip to the zoo! We all had a great time... and the zoo was actually a very good one, we were impressed! We're so glad that we have these wonderful friends close enough that we can do day trips like this... I know I had complained in a previous post about living far away from friends and family and how hard it is, but knowing we have Rob, Gena & Anneliese a reasonable drive away is more reassuring than anyone could imagine. Good news too! We'll get to see them again this Friday when they come down for the weekend for Alli's birthday. This is going to be a busy week... but we're so excited (and a million other emotions) about our little girl's first birthday this Thursday and her party on Saturday.

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