Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daycare Bloopers

Even though it's her big first birthday week, Alli has been at daycare Monday, Tuesday and today while I've been working. She has loved showing off her new walking skills, and we finally found a cup (the ones with the straws!), that she loves and will drink out of. Things are looking good! Then, yesterday happened.

So not even an hour into being there, she got bit. The incident report stated that she had put her finger in another kids mouth "accidentally" and they bit her finger. She was treated with ice, lots of love and hugs. Good, crisis over. Then, they always record her diapers, wet or soiled, so we know how often she went while she was there. Around the 9ish mark, they marked "soiled" and wrote in all capital letters "BLOWOUT", beside it. Go Alli! Way to have a blowout at school and not on mommy or daddy's watch. =) She proceeded to have at least 3 more dirty diapers that day, all that were loose, so we're thinking she must have ate something her stomach did not agree with. Needless to say, she ruined the outfit she was wearing, along with the 3 others she has as "extras" at school. Eric gets there to pick her up, and she's wearing a pink onesie and her socks and big shoes. That's all. He said she was quite the hilarious site to see. What he didn't mention and I found out later while folding the clothes is that she was wearing a size 3 months onesie. I'm not sure how her teachers squeezed her into this, but I'm sure she was just incredible to see.

Lesson learned: Update your child's extra clothes at daycare. Don't forget that they get bigger, and their extra clothes don't.


  1. Haha! This reminds to take Molly's clothes out of her bookbag and put pants/long sleeves in there and take away the shorts and tank top!

  2. Haha, did you get a picture of that? And don't feel too bad, a few wks ago Fi soiled all of the clothes we had at school & when we picked her up, she was hanging out in a sleep sack b/c it was the only thing she had left!