Friday, December 9, 2011


What a week or so this has been for us. Where to begin? Let's try the beginning...

After Alli's lovely reaction to her medication this past weekend, I was hoping that things wouldn't get any worse. Well, it's been a roller coaster ride this week to say the least. Alli finally started improving Monday and Tuesday, and has been her normal happy self ever since. Her rash has all but disappeared and she's been on her normal sleeping/napping schedule all week. Mommy B and I felt a couple molars break the surface of her gums last night, so add those to the list of things she had to be miserable about. I swear this kid's going to need braces by the time she's 5 years old. But I'm glad to see she's back to her happy, healthy self. It broke my heart to see her in pain like that.

Wednesday rolled around, and it was Mommy B's turn to be under the weather. She was having hot and cold flashes, felt terrible and achy and was running a low-grade fever. Not good for a pregnant lady. Her doctor said they thought she was just exhausted and needed to rest - so that's what she did. She came home from work early and took some medicine and hit the bed. I picked Alli up from daycare and tried to entertain her that evening so Mommy B could sleep. Then Mommy B did something she hasn't done in over 5 years - called out sick from work. We decided it would be in her best interest to take the day off and try to sleep in and get rested. Well, what a difference a good night's sleep makes.

As I took Alli to daycare Thursday morning, the coolant light came on in my car. I figured it was probably about time to add some more for the winter, so I came home and popped the hood. It was at that time I noticed some coolant leaking onto the garage floor. I began jacking up the car to take a better look, and that's when something on my rear tire caught my eye. I examined my tire to find out that the tread was literally separating from the sidewall. Well, merry friggin' Christmas to me - looks like I know what I'm getting this year!

I put some more coolant in the car and limped it over to have new rear tires put on. $370 later, I'm riding smooth again. It's still leaking a little coolant, but I'll see what I can do myself to fix it before I go drop a couple hundred more to have someone else fix it. So I guess it was a good thing Mommy B was home yesterday to cart me around. I basically called off work too, so we decided to finish up some shopping while my car was being worked on.

With Mommy B feeling better and my car finally safe to drive, we headed off to our anatomy ultrasound together. Everything looked as healthy as can be and we're tracking one day off our expected due date, which is awesome. We actually decided to find out what we're having this time around, but we're going to keep it a secret until they're born. I asked Mommy B if she was up to the challenge of keeping a secret for another 4+ months, and she said she could do it. We didn't find out what Alli was going to be at all, and it was a great surprise the day she was born. But I have to say, I'm pretty happy we decided to find out early on #2. This way we get to start picking names and begin the bonding process even earlier - which is pretty cool.

So as you can tell, things have been all over this week for all of us. Hopefully we're in for some smoother waters this weekend - it would be nice to actually put some ornaments on our Christmas tree.

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