Sunday, December 4, 2011


Alli woke up today with a rash/blisters on her face, elbows and diaper area. The ones around her butt... ugh, let's just say, I cried right along with her today while she was trying to go #2. They look so painful, I can't even imagine. We think this all came from the antibiotic course we got Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She had Rocephin shots three days in a row in hopes of kicking the ear infection in the butt and getting rid of it once and for all. However, it seems like she's experiencing an allergic reaction of some sort. She's still eating, no fever, just these blisters. We also can feel her two bottom molars trying to make their way through right now (great timing, teeth.)

To say I (we) feel defeated would be an understatement. On Saturday, we were as high as a kite, went to get the Christmas tree, went to the Daniel Island Festival to grab a few Christmas presents, went to the Parade of Boats on Charleston Harbor... it was a busy day but she had a great time. Today comes around, and here we are, down and defeated. Neither of us have showered today, we've gotten nothing accomplished, and our bare tree still sits in the living room with neither of us really feeling the spirit or the energy to decorate it. At least Alli's afraid to go anywhere near it (don't know if that's really a good thing, but it's good that she doesn't want to touch it!), but needless to say, we haven't gotten far with the decorating. We're hoping the blisters get better by tomorrow, or at least not any worse... if Eric thinks they are bad in the morning we'll try to take her back to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. We're trying to stay positive... she has had absolutely no snot, which she was having a lot of before, and maybe the antibiotic is working, despite it's other effects on her. It's just defeating to try something that you hope will be the right choice for your baby, and then this happens. And what if she still has the ear infection when we take her back in a few weeks? Then we put her through all this for nothing. It breaks my heart.

Hopefully things start looking up... it's been a rough day.

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