Friday, December 2, 2011

Cartoon(s) of the Week

The first one made me laugh because it's exactly how Mommy B and I felt up until last week. It seemed like everyone else was getting into the "smart phone" market and we were getting left behind. Even my dad has a Droid X-Y-Z something-or-other... and he's almost 60! Mommy B and I got tired of telling people that we couldn't get whatever they were sending us because we still had "dumb" phones.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't really see the need to get rid of my old one - but if Mommy B was going to get an iPhone (thanks to Alli giving her old phone a bath in dog's water dish), I might as well get one too. I'm still getting used to it, but Mommy B has already downloaded a dozen apps and will randomly say "Name an actor who's famous for dancing in movies. Quick, I only have 10 seconds left in Fast Money!" Damn you Family Feud app, you've already turned my wife into a phone zombie...

I stumbled across the second cartoon yesterday and it instantly reminded me of Scarlett. In case you can't read it, the first frame says "Rover, do your business" as the dog goes flying out the door. The second frame is Rover happily sitting next to a sign that reads "Dog kisses 5¢" Even though Rover appears to be a Lab of some type, I have to say that our Golden is quite the lover dog too.

My parents stopped by our house for a couple days this past weekend to get an Alli Ru "fix" (because we're only 9 hours away, ya know) and Scarlett was in heaven. She loved jumping on my parent's bed in the morning as if to say "Hey! The little human is awake and so am I, that means it's time to get up!" And given that the combined surface area of my father's hands could cover a small village from a rain storm, she was thoroughly enjoying some good ol' fashioned butt rubs. Any time he put his hands on her, her tail would start going 'round and 'round like a wind-up toy.

Even though she's still getting used to not being the only child anymore, we still love our li'l rescue dog... crimpies and all.

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