Thursday, December 1, 2011

13 months old, 18 weeks along, 2 new phones, 3 shots of Rocephin...

Whew... I know we're behind on posting. It's been a crazy few weeks with me starting my new job and getting adjusted to the new schedule, hours and routine. I'm now working in the pediatric holding area, where we prep and prepare patients before they go into surgery. That being said, the OR usually gets started around 7:30am, meaning the patients need to be there at least two hours early to get registered, IV's or medication if necessary, consent signed, paperwork up to date, meet with the surgeon and anesthesia team, etc. My new hours are 5:30am to 2pm. It's a love and hate relationship... I am not too fond of getting up at 4am each morning, but clocking out by 2pm and getting Alli from day care each day makes up for it. And getting to have dinner as a family, bath time as a family, and putting her to bed as a family... nothing beats that.

Alli turned 13 months old this past weekend, and to say she's growing and learning and amazing us more every day would be an understatement. She weighs in at about 21 lbs now, and is literally running all over the place. We had our first "conference" at school to check in and see how she's doing, and the teachers say she's right on track. She will play by herself for quite a while, loves putting things in containers, taking things out of containers, stacking, pounding, etc. She is quite the ham, loves smiling and laughing... especially giggling for her daddy, and loves to be tickled. Pointing to things she wants is a new favorite too... which we've actually really started to enjoy as well, as it makes it much easier to figure out what she wants or needs. She's very "talky", just rambles and babbles on and on. She's just a constant busy body. But that's okay, it keeps us on our toes!

Speaking of her being into everything and keeping us on our toes... Alli decided that Thanksgiving Day was a good day for my phone to take a bath in Scarlett's water dish. Needless to say, Dad-E and I got to venture out with her on Black Friday (what a treat!) to the Verizon store. It was time for our 2 year contract to be up anyway, so we got to sign a new contract, got a discount on new phones... and finally joined the "smart phone" world. We weren't planning on it when we got there, but the video and picture quality on our new i-phones are amazing.. and with Alli growing, running, talking and as goofy as she is, we don't want to miss a minute. We won't want to miss a thing for baby M #2's arrival and growing either.

And speaking of Baby M, we're just flying right along in this pregnancy! We're 18 and 1/2 weeks along now... and have our big anatomy ultrasound scheduled for next Thursday. We're so excited to finally get to see our little one through ultrasound, and make sure all is going well. We will keep everyone updated!

And speaking of healthy babies and wanting all to be well, our poor Alli Ru has been fighting an ear infection since her birthday. We honestly didn't even know she had one, and the doctor took one look and said it was a "raging" ear infection and needed to be treated with antibiotics. So, we did our 10 day course of Amoxicillin, went back to the doctors 2 weeks later, it was still bad, started our 10 day course of Omnicef, went back yesterday, and the doctor rates it a 7/10 on the "bad-ness" scale. So, now we do a 3 day course of IM Rocephin (shots), and go back in two weeks again to see how things are looking. IF the Rocephin didn't help, we will then need to meet with an ENT specialist and see about getting tubes placed. It's just emotional for me, I think because I now work in the area where we see all the patients and families get prepared for surgery. I know she'll be fine, we have some of the best doctors here at MUSC, and I just want her healthy. She never seems to be "sick", still eats like a champ, doesn't pull on her ears, etc... so it's hard to say we want her "better" when it doesn't feel or seem like she's sick.

So, there you have it. Our life in a nutshell this past week... I know you've missed us. =)

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