Wednesday, November 23, 2011


In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, it's only fitting that I share a list of things that I'm thankful for. Let's get right to it...

  • My health. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm one of those few people in the world who has been blessed with the metabolism of a 10-year-old. My dad was the same way, eating whatever he wanted and not gaining a pound until he turned 45 years old. Well, I've got another 20+ years to enjoy myself before I should probably start reeling things in. Plus, I was fortunate enough to walk away from competitive football without a limp or constant headaches. I'm thankful that I'm healthy enough to play in the yard with my daughter whenever she wants me to.
  • My job. Being that I've been employed with the same company since I graduated college, I guess I'd really call it my "career". I know that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who don't have "somewhere to be" every weekday, and I know that makes it all the more difficult to provide for their families. There are countless souls out there who have been canned after putting in years and years of blood, sweat and tears with the same company all for the sake of the bottom line. Having a constant, reliable source of income has become one of the most important things you can ask for these days... and I'm thankful that I have one.
  • My dog. Mommy B and I rescued Scarlett (formerly Georgetta) just over three years ago, and I have to say that I'm so happy to have her around. If Mommy B and I hadn't gotten the craving for smoothies one day, we would never have stumbled upon the Greatful Goldens Rescue and found our crimpy-haired little mutt. Fast forward three years and we're "stuck" with a walk-obsessed, gecko-killing, couch-sleeping, co-dependent family member. Wouldn't have it any other way.
  • My daughter. She is without a doubt the love of my life. Now that she spends 98% of her waking hours walking/running around the house, she is so much fun to be around. I'm thankful for how happy and healthy she is, and how enlightened she is by the world around her. She just walks to walk, exploring everything in our living room and beyond. I now call her our little giggle monster... because that's all she does. She giggles at everything - when I come home from work, when her dog comes running towards her, when we cover her head with a soft blankie, when she lays down with her Pooh Bear in her crib, when I hold her by the hands and toss her onto the pillows on the couch and when I blow raspberries on her belly after she gets out of the bath. I want so much to protect her as she grows up, but hope she learns to become independant (like her mommy) at the same time. She'll learn to work for anything she wants... but I'm thankful to be able to provide everything she needs until then.
  • Baby Meibers (aka #2/lil sib). I know how hard it can be for some people to get pregnant just once, and even harder to get pregnant a second time. But I'm thankful that Mommy B and I have been able to give the gift of life to yet another child. Even though he/she is still a good ways away from being born, I'm thankful that everything appears to be normal and healthy thus far. Even though Mommy B can't relate, I know how thankful I was to have an older sibling... to teach me what to do (and what not to do) with each passing year. I know that my older brother loved me with all his heart as we grew up together, and I'm thankful that "Number 2" will get to experience that as well.
  • The weather. OK, I know this one is kind of lame, but I can't help it. I went to pick Alli up from daycare with the top down because it was 73 degrees outside. Being a Damn Yankee, it's still a little strange not having snow on the ground this time of year... but I'm getting used to it. There's something to be said about walking outside at 10pm on Thanksgiving Eve and it feeling more like September. I'm thankful that Mommy B and I get to live somewhere so beautiful that it truly warms the soul.
  • My family. Even though Mommy B and I aren't spending Thanksgiving with our extended family this year, at least we get to spend it with each other. I know there are thousands of military families who aren't going to spend this Turkey Day with the one(s) they love the most because they have been called to duty - either by their human superior or their godly superior... if you know what I mean and I think you do. I know that our extended family is thinking about us, and if everything goes as planned we'll be seeing them in less than a month. I'm thankful that we have such a great relationship with our extended family and that we get to see them as often as we do.
  • My wife. My soul mate, period. She was the love of my life until she produced a daughter that I just can't get enough of... but I think she's strangely OK with playing second fiddle for a while. She has stuck by my side through thick and thin, taken leaps of faith with me when all we had was a wing and a prayer and been my better half for a majority of the time. She has been my number one superfan since the day we met. She cheered me on for each of my football games and track meets back in college and still does to this day as I interview for another job at my company. She is the best mother in the world, and I know she'll continue to be even with two crazy kids running around. I'm thankful that I've not only found someone who makes me truly happy every day, but that I get to spend the rest of my life returning the favor.

I hope that everyone reading this has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Even if you can't spend it with your family, just think about everything you do have to be thankful for... you'll be surprised what you come up with if you think about it for a while.

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