Monday, November 14, 2011

Cartoon of the Week

Our painting project is going... well, it's going! We are exhausted from it, to say the least. Since Wednesday night, we've spent every single night after laying Alli down for bed taping the walls, moving furniture, painting trim, up on ladders (Eric, not me!), and using the roller to get this project finished. We've stayed up until 11 or later each night... which may not seem like much, but, when Alli is up right around 6 or 6:30 like clockwork each morning, it gets even more exhausting. We are completely done with the downstairs, the entry way, and up the stairs. I have to give Dad-E a lot of credit for that... the ladder he got up on to paint and tape made me scared to death... just hearing it rattle and creak. I can't imagine being up there with a paintbrush and paint, trying to balance and not make a mess. He did a great job.

We are close to running out of paint (even after purchasing 5 gallons!), so instead of pulling a Lenny like this cartoon, which would be a lot easier and quicker, I ran to Lowe's today and got another gallon and a few more rolls of tape. We have the upstairs hallway to do.. and we're just going to tape off Alli's future room while we're at it. We'll be so happy when it's finished... and it really does look so great, it makes everything so clean and neat, feels like a new home! Almost there...

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  1. Way to go, Dad-E! Hope we get to see the new digs soon :)