Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cartoon of the Week

Alli tries to drink and walk... it's just about hilarious. She doesn't really "walk" anymore, she runs... so her running with a bottle or sippy cup in her hands is just so fun to watch, we laugh at her and tell her she could get pulled over for the reckless driving. She laughs and laughs, not knowing what in the world we're talking about. She has a few other new cute tricks she's been doing for awhile now... we just haven't gotten to mention them yet. After her bath is over, if you hand her the brush and tell her to brush her hair, she does. It's so adorable, and she really is getting a lot of hair to finally have something to brush! She also gives wonderful hugs these days. Our little parrot must take it all in... because literally whatever we do, she does. When she gives you a hug, if you pat her on the back, she pats you back. It's so funny. One night, I was giving her a hug and about to put her in the crib, and I patted her 3 times. She then patted me 3 times. I patted her one last time, and I got my one pat back. It was so cute. Anytime you stick your tongue out at her, she sticks hers back at you too. She's gaining more and more personality each day... we say we can't wait until she can really start talking, but, we're actually quite afraid to hear what she'll have to say.

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