Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fifteen Weeks!

We're already 15 weeks along in this pregnancy... and it seems to be flying by. Everyone has told us this second pregnancy will go so much faster... especially because we'll be chasing around a toddler, which won't give us much time to even think about the fact that we're pregnant! That has totally been the case. I feel like people have asked how I've been feeling... umm, tired? I am always tired, have been since even before Alli was born, so I doubt I can tell the difference between being tired from pregnancy, or just tired from having Alli around! The two things that have really bothered me so far about this pregnancy are these two common questions/comments that keep coming up from strangers/family/friends/co-workers...

1. Did you plan this??
Hmm, we're not 17 and reckless. We are married and know how the whole baby making process works, so, I'm pretty sure we knew what we were getting into. We may not have expected it to happen this quickly, but we had discussed in length that when we started trying, it was a very real possibility that it could happen right away, and if it did, we'd be okay with that. So, here we are. And we're thrilled. Yes, we may be exhausted and very busy for awhile, but, it'll be so nice to have the diaper stage, the bottle stage, the sleepless stages... all relatively over within the next few years.

2. I sure hope this one is a boy!
Why? Just because we have a little girl, you automatically assume this one has to be a boy for us to be happy? I know it's cliche to say, but working in pediatric nursing, I can honestly say that with everything I see at work each day, I truly only hope for a healthy, happy baby. We would both be thrilled regardless of this baby's sex, and I find it hurtful and hard when I hear people make comments about the gender. Why does it matter to you if it's a boy or girl, will you not love it as much if it's not a boy? I can see Alli being so happy with a sister that would be close in age, that could potentially be her maid of honor someday, her best friend... or, happy bugging a pesky little brother, and fiercely protecting him someday in a way only an older sister could. Either way, Eric & I will be happy, too.

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