Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nesting already??

It's project time!! Dad-E and I have talked and went back and forth for a long time about painting our downstairs/entry way/up the stairs/hallway upstairs area. For those of you who have never been inside our home, we have a pretty open floor plan downstairs. Meaning, if you're going to paint it, you're going to be painting a lot of wall... leading into the entry way, up the stairs, and down the hallway upstairs... as it's really all connected. It's a big project. So needless to say, we've been putting it off. We painted the kitchen (ugh! those are the worst to paint!), and one accent wall downstairs and figured that would do. Well, I don't know if it's nesting kicking in already, or my mom's insistent pleas for the last three years, but, we've decided to get it done. At first, we thought of hiring someone to do it and paying for that as each other's Christmas present this year (we're so romantic, I know!). However, after coming to the realization that having two kids in daycare next year will be more than our mortgage payment, we decided we're not 90 years old, we're two able bodied twenty-somethings... we can handle this!

Yesterday as Alli napped, I started taping. Ugh! Awful. Dad-E and I ventured out to Lowe's, where Alli had a mini-meltdown (more on that in a later quick post!), got all our supplies and five gallons of paint, and we were ready. We picked quite a neutral color, it goes well with the whole house, matches the accent wall, and really, you can hardly tell we painted. What? All this work for nothing? It honestly looks so much better already! The scuff marks from moving in, throwing tennis balls against the wall to our puppy back in the day, all covered. Dad-E and I put Alli to bed last night and got to work. We painted for about 2 hours, just talking, listening to music, and realizing what a great team we make. In life, in parenting, in painting. So, while we still have quite the journey ahead (in both finishing this painting job, and in life!), I'm happy to know I have the best partner around.

After this project, it'll be time to tackle Alli's future new room... I wish she was old enough now to tell us what color/theme she'd like, because I'm sure we won't feel like changing it in another couple years when she is able to tell us boss us around.

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