Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, anyone that knows us, knows Eric and I love Finding Nemo. It's SUCH a great movie, and we can't wait for Alli to watch Disney movies intently with us someday! Anyway, one day last week, I was sitting on the floor playing with Alli, leaned toward her, shaking my head against hers and said "noggin!", kind of like the duuuudes do in Finding Nemo. I did this a couple different times, and my little parrot starting doing it back. Later that day, I just said, "noggin!", and she proceeded to lean in and rub heads with me, rubbing her forehead back and forth against mine. It was adorable. She did it several times with grandma Tatsy while they were visiting this weekend too. She just catches on to things so easily, and it's so cute to see her do things over and over, especially something I taught her :) Makes a mama so proud. Also, I asked her to give me a "high five", and she slapped my hand!I don't know if they're teaching her this at daycare or what, but, she even surprised me by knowing what that was! Just another example of how she amazes us more and more every day.

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